E-Design Packages

E-Design Packages

The following E-Design packages are right for you if you need to furnish or update any of your rooms with a fresh new look and not exactly sure where to start, or simply need some guidance and help with sourcing goods.

These are a great alternative to the more traditional practices of having an Interior Designer complete your whole house at an hourly rate. This way you can pick and choose your rooms over a period of time, or simply update just one or two.

I like to offer these as an opportunity for those who are on a tighter budget, to still get help and guidance through the process. It’s also a great choice for those who would simply prefer to spend the majority of their budget on the actual design.

I pride myself on a confidential, no-judgement approach to each and every one of my clients, and treat everyone individually, and with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Below is all the information you need. I have included some FAQs about the E-Design Packages, as well as pricing and a list of inclusions.

What is E-Design?

E-design is the process of Interior Design through virtual communication. It’s a great opportunity for you to be involved in the process and the outcome, giving you a greater sense of satisfaction, and keeping your budget to a minimum. If you have the inspiration, but just need help putting it together and finding the right pieces to use in the process, then this is perfect for you.

What are the timeframes for E-Design?

Timeframes for E-Design have a much quicker turnaround. Some of the reasons for this are:

o Not having to schedule face to face appointments at times that suit both parties.

o Clients generally do one to two rooms at a time.

o By presenting designs virtually, I can send through information at any time.

Why are your E-Design Packages less expensive? Is it because there is much less work, and the work is much easier for the designer.

Absolutely not. The only difference between in-person designs and E-designs, is the handling of goods and installs, arranging trades, shopping etc. The actual design process, researching and sourcing of goods is no different. In fact, sometimes it is more difficult, given that I am specifying for a home I have never been in. I still have to travel to stores to source furniture and accessories. One of the main reasons I do this, is because I like to see and test the goods in person, where possible. I still have to source and specify in exactly the same way as if I were doing in-person consultations.

Does is mean I don’t get the same quality service as In-Person Designing?

Absolutely not. I put exactly the same amount of focus, dedication and love into each design, whether it be virtual or in-person. I work with each client to ascertain their individual needs and style, and tailor a design that is unique to them. My greatest satisfaction is a happy client, and I work until this is achieved.

What are the costs involved in the E-Design?

Lower costs are associated with E-Design for a number of reasons. The first is that you are doing some of the legwork yourself, by measuring up and taking photos. Also, you will be doing the shopping yourself, by following the Schedule of Specifications that I provide at the end of the project. This is your personal shopping list, giving you everything you need, including images, sizes, materials, prices, suppliers, as well as links and contact details. I will also give you guidance on how to set up your space, plus trade contacts where applicable. I am always available for questions and help at any time during, and after the project. By doing these yourself, you are saving a huge amount of money.

What are the payment requirements for the E-Design Packages?

Prepayment for these packages is required. After receiving all the information, I need from you to begin, I will send an invoice through for payment. The sooner you pay the invoice, the sooner I can start on the project.

What are the biggest advantages for me as a client?

Aside from the lower costs, quick turnaround and convenience, another standout advantage is the fact that once your design is complete, you aren’t under pressure to purchase and complete your project. You can do this within your own time. You can purchase everything upfront, or purchase over a period of time to suit your budget. If you were to do it in the traditional way, you would need to make timely decisions and purchases, so as to keep your project and costs on track. This way, you have the flexibility to do it when it suits you.

What do you require from me as a client?

  • The ability to communicate with me using either messenger, email, text, video call etc comfortably?

  • To be able to convey to me the design style you are wanting by sending me some inspiration pics. I will guide you on this as well and tell you where to look.

  • You will need to give me some measurements of your space, so I can draw a rough floorplan. I will guide you through this as well. All you need is a measuring tape, pen and paper.

  • You will need to take some photos of the current space and send them to me.

  • You will need to be able to do your own shopping, either in store or online. I will give you everything required to be able to do this by the end of the project, so you are confident in this.

  • You will need to be able to set the space up at the end, but I will give you all the info and steps you need to do this and achieve the look you want.

  • You will also be responsible for hiring your own trades if required, however, I am able to give you recommendations for trades people I have personally used before, or who have great referral references.

  • You will need to pay the invoice so I can start quickly on your project.


E-Design Packages

These packages are right for you if you need to furnish or update any of your rooms with a fresh new look and not exactly sure where to start. I will provide everything you need to purchase all your furniture and accessories, and then style the space. I am in contact with you throughout the whole process, and also available after the project for any questions or advice on the specified rooms. Scroll down to see the legend and FAQs'

Entry or Hallway Package - $299

They say first impressions are everything. Your entry should reflect the style and feel of the rest of the home. Depending on the size, layout and how you use this area, I will work with you to ensure we make best use of the space, along with great styling.

Master Bedroom Package - $449

Your master bedroom should be the ultimate sanctuary. It’s where you should be able to seek refuge from the rest of the world at the end of the day. Away from the public, this room gives you the opportunity to be uniquely yourself and show your own style, more than any room in your home.

Add on Ensuite Package - $75

Carry the feel from the Master Bedroom through to the ensuite so these rooms blend seamlessly. I can help you with décor and accessories for this area.

Teen Bedroom Package - $399

Has your teen outgrown their tween room? It seems to happen in a flash, and all of a sudden you look around and realise that it’s not really suitable for the young person they are becoming. Let me help you transform this room, with a design to suit their own individual needs and personality and inspire their growing minds. These can be multifunction rooms, which may double as a study, or simply just an area for them to chill and relax.

Kid’s Bedroom Package - $399

These rooms can be many different things, from a serene sleeping space to a fun play area, depending on your situation. I can help bring the right vibe and functionality to your kids’ rooms, according to your individual needs, and ensure it’s a multipurpose retreat for your kids. I focus on great storage solutions for these rooms as well.

Guest Bedroom Package - $399

You want your guests to feel welcome and special, so it’s important to ensure that your guest bedroom reflects this. It should be calm and welcoming for anyone who stays. Sometimes storage in these rooms is utilised for other purposes, but I will help you ensure there are enough storage solutions to accommodate guests without feeling cramped. I will also give you some suggestions on how to make your guests feel special when they visit.

Nursery Package - $399

One of the most important events in your life is welcoming that precious bundle of joy, and how exciting is it preparing everything for the day you bring them home. Let me help you bring all the dreams you have for the perfect nursery to life. Not only will you be able to bring your baby home to a beautiful, calming space, it will be a wonderful, peaceful environment, in which to spend time with them.

Kid’s Playroom Package - $399

One of the most common questions I get asked when working on these room, is about storage. I can work with you to find the best solutions and layout for your kid’s playroom, along with space saving ideas. You can have as much fun as the kids, when it comes to planning a scheme for these types of areas. Colour also plays a big role in getting the right feel for these rooms.

Bathroom Package - $249

This room is often overlooked when styling your home. If it’s in good condition, great accessories and storage solutions can add style and functionality. If it’s in need of a reno but you can’t afford it, a few simple changes, plus some storage solutions and accessories, can make a big difference to the look and feel of the room. You want a flow throughout your home, so don’t leave this room out when considering a whole design approach.

Dining Room Package - $449

Show off your dining area with a look and feel that entices your family and guests to sit, relax, and socialise. Food brings people together, and nothing soothes the soul like a delicious meal with great company, so let me help you bring that special something to your dining area.

Home Office or Study Package - $399

Give your students a study environment where they feel organised, comfortable, and able to concentrate on the important stuff. If it’s your home office, let me help you create an area that you want to spend time in. I will specify colours, furniture, storage solutions and accessories to help you feel motivated, comfortable and organised.

2nd Living Area Package - $399

This is generally a second living area for the younger members of the house, or a dedicated TV area for the whole family. No matter it’s use, II will base the functionality and styling around the use of the room.

Living Room Package - $549

This is one of the most important and “on show” rooms in the house, so you really want to get this one right. It’s also where we spend a good part of our time relaxing with family and chilling out. You want a stylish, yet practical room, that can be “lived in” and not feel like it’s a display home that needs to be constantly maintained. It’s a statement room that should feel welcoming, cosy, and comfortable, yet with a good sense of style, and uniquely reflect you and your family. Use this space to let your character shine through.

Formal Lounge Package - $549

This is more commonly than not, a dedicated adult’s only space, where you can entertain guests or simply use as a retreat for yourself. It could be space where you share a drink and good conversation with your partner or friends. Whatever the use, I can help you bring just the right vibe and look to this area. Everyone uses their formal lounge differently, so it’s never a one look fits all. There is a great opportunity to bring the “WOW” factor to this room.

Kitchen Package - $399

With this package I will help you with storage solutions, kitchen styling, along with stylish and practical accessories. I also help make the most of your pantry and kitchen space, as well as creating a practical yet super stylish look that’s easy to maintain.

Kitchen Package with Extras - $599

With this package I will help you with storage solutions, kitchen styling, suggestions for updating the look of your cupboards, drawers, and benchtops (If required) with a budget friendly option, along with stylish and practical accessories. I also help make the most of your pantry and kitchen space, as well as creating a practical yet super stylish look that’s easy to maintain.

Laundry Package - $299

One of the most neglected, but one of the most used rooms in the house. Let me help you enjoy your time in this room, with clever storage and a sleek new look.


Initial Consultation

In this initial consultation we will discuss the look and feel of what you envisage. I will send you a client questionnaire to complete and will also ask you to send through any inspiration images, as well as photos of the current room. Together we will establish what things you want to keep and what we can move along, your ideas, and detail all the changes you would like to make. We can also discuss storage solutions for the area if required. I may also require some measurements of the rooms so I can draw a rough floor plan. This is required when scheduling furniture etc for the area. You will also need to specify a budget soon, so this is something you should think about, as I will need this information before I start on the Sample Boards (second phase).

Mood Board Research Phase

After our consultation, I use all the information to research images for the Mood Boards. I gather these from various sources, searching for images that portray your design style.

Mood Board Preparation

I move on to create two mood boards. These are a creative visual presentation of the overall design feel based on our discussions and will help me to confirm your decorative style. I will then send these through for your review.

Mood Board Follow Up Consultation

During this consultation, we discuss the mood boards and choose the one that you feel reflects your design vision the most. We work out any changes to be made to the overall feel of the board, and if needed, I carry out up to two revisions. I then send the final Mood Board through for your approval.

Sample Board and Schedule of Specifications Research Phase

Once you are happy with this Mood Board, I begin to research products and suppliers, in order to produce a Sample Board. This will feature an array of products based on our discussions. We will be in contact throughout the process for any questions you may have. I will also engage you in some of the product selections, when required.

Sample Board and Schedule of Specifications Preparation

After completing my research, I will prepare the Sample Board which will include the actual items to be used. I will also prepare the Schedule of Specifications, outlining details, pricing, supplier details and links or contact details, for each item on the Sample Board. This will become your personalised shopping list. I then send these through for you to review.

Sample Board and Schedule of Specifications Follow Up Consultation

During this consultation, we discuss the Sample Board and the Schedule of Specifications. If required, I can carry out any revisions. If any changes are required, I will send through the updated Sample Board and Schedule of Specifications.

Post Project

I am always available to answer any questions in relation to the project, even after our final consultation. You can message or email me at any time.

**Note: Paint colour consultation for the room only is included in this package


Mood Board

A visual presentation of objects and images inspired by our discussion to convey the overall feel of the project. This is used to confirm your decorative style. They contain a random selection of images, which can include inspiration images, furniture, artwork, materials, accessories, fabrics, colours etc, in a relaxed informal layout. They do not include the actual images to be use.

Sample Board

This is used to present the finished scheme and final selections to be used in the design. This shows the actual colours, finishes, furniture, accessories, and materials to be used in the design. This has a much more formal layout as well as a legend of inclusions.

Schedule of Specifications

This is a detailed schedule of all the items included in the package, along with their specifications, supplier and links or contact details.

Term Descriptions